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Nancy Gregory, PhD - Clinical Psychologist
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Nancy Gregory, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist Sacramento
Nancy Gregory, Ph.D. - Testimonials

Dr. Nancy Gregory is a licensed clinical psychologist, which means she works with real people in a therapeutic way.  The testimonial below shows does what she says:

"To decide if this parenting class makes sense for you there are a few questions you should ask yourself.  Did you feel it necessary to get some kind of an education in order to do the job you're doing now?  And were you willing to pay more than $1,000 for that education to help you be more successful in your career?  If you own your own business have you ever invested $1,000 or more into improving your business?  The next question you should ask is whether your career or business is more important to you than your family.  

If your family is more important than your career then a $600 investment into a fantastic parenting class should be well worth it to help improve the most important relationships in your life.  That's much less than we've all spent on education for our careers!  Being a good parent or spouse or son or daughter doesn't come automatic.  It takes practice and continued education!  The things my husband and I learned in Nancy's class have been invaluable to improving our relationship with each other and with our daughters.  We learned how to communicate better with each other, how to address the root of behavior issues with our daughters and how to understand the impact our past experiences have had on us that we never realized before.  

This class is a must for anyone wanting to 'Improve your relationships and improve your life!"     


To set up an initial consultation call (916) 541-5346 or click here to send an email.

Nancy Gregory - Clinical Psychologist (PSY 20268)  |  1722 Professional Drive Sacramento, CA 95825   |  P: (916) 541-5346  |  Email
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